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  • The Ultimate Yoga Gift Guide

    Valentine is just around the corner, Easter will soon be here, and there is no other gift that you will give to a yoga lover be it your parent, friend, or colleague that will impress them more than a yoga gift.

    Because of its incredible benefits, Yoga is addictive, and a loved one will be happy if you support their beautiful journey with a gift in line with yoga. Here is a gift guide with everything a yogi will love.

    Yoga Mat Holder

    The mat holder is a very creative idea. It holds your yoga mats up against the wall while you are not using them, but from a glance, you would think the hanging mats are a decoration. This is a perfect gift for people who want to practice yoga at home but have little space.

    Yoga Mat

    A yoga mat sounds quite evident, but a yogi can do without all the other yoga practice materials except a mat. So go ahead and make it your yogi’s gift especially if they are new to yoga, the chances are that they don’t have a mat yet. To make it a unique gift, look out for a mat made out of rubber. These types of mats don’t slip even though the yogi’s hands sweat and become slippery.

    Yoga snacks

    When choosing snacks make sure they are alkaline foods. I can’t emphasize this enough; yoga can only be effective if it is paired with the right feeding. The proper diet for Yoga is an alkaline diet. This includes foods like apples, mangoes, cherries and other fruits and vegetables

    Select fruits, seeds, and vegetables from the list of alkaline foods above and beautifully wrap them in a yoga basket. To make them even more special, buy organic ones from the farmers market so that your yogi gets extra nutrients from eating them. If the person is a new yogi, you could consider adding to the basket a yoga feeding guide or a book like that of Mariana Correa “Alkaline diet for yoga” which gives a guide on what foods to eat during your yoga season.

    Sandals made from yoga mat materials

    Trust me; every yogi woman’s heart can melt at the sight of these. Just like the mats are, shoes made out of this material are very comfortable and unique. Wearing these will make a yogi feel like they are walking on the moon. The good part is that this sort of gift can suit your Mother, sister, friend, a colleague or even your mean Mother in law.

    Décor that carries Yoga prints

    Look out for things like book holders, table mats or decorative mugs that hold yoga prints like the image of Buda on them.

    A yoga class ticket

    Depending on where you are, yoga classes can go for $10-$20. If you decide to spend a whole $100 on your yogi’s gift, you could consider paying for them ten days of yoga class. Make sure you know what their Yoga interests are and shop around for a yoga instructor that offers exactly what your yogi wants.

    A yoga retreat

    If the yogi you are paying this retreat for has become a Yoga crazy fanatic and yarns to reach the level of an instructor, then you could consider sending them to Nicaragua or Integral Yoga International, a yoga institute formed based on the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda, the first yoga teacher to introduce yoga to the west.

    If it’s an expectant mother or new Mother, consider taking them for a prenatal yoga retreat. This kind of yoga will help relax the mother’s body in preparation for delivery and will assist them to connect more intimately with their yet to be born baby.

    If it is just an average yoga lover, give them the treat of their life by sponsoring a trip to Costa Rica, a land full of yogis and yoga instructors. Also visit Yoga Burn review to begin your home practice.